Trending AI Tools: April 2023

This is a list of the latest trending AI tools as compiled by Jennifer (Scott) McMillan from a LinkedIn post. She is a data scientist that, from what I can gather, is a big proponent of the AI revolution.

She had a post with the following image, but there were no actual links to click on (it’s an image).

So I’ve decided to dissect the image and provide actual links to each AI service. Here we go:

  • Free ChatGPT-4 – Access Al tools powered by new ChatGPT-4 for free (link)
  • Perplexity ChatGPT, but with voice & real-time search for mobiles (link) (iPhone app)
  • New Nvidia Canvas – Helps you edit videos with great quality in seconds (link)
  • Facial Express – Real-time detection of your feelings using Al (link) (link)
  • Seenapse – Generate dozens of divergent ideas (link)
  • MurfAI – Make studio quality voice overs from text in seconds (link)
  • WavTool – It’s ChatGPT-4, but for Music and editing (link)
  • DimeADozen – Validate your business idea in seconds (link)
  • LERF – Super easy to search for real-world physical things. (link)
  • Kickresume – Free Al tool helps you land 5x more job interviews (link)
  • 10Web – What if you could just describe the website that you want and boom (link)
  • Wonderdynamics – It’s like having a whole ass studio in your pocket (link)
  • GEN-2 – It lets you generate videos with nothing but words. (link)
  • UizardAl – Design stunning websites, apps, and mockups in minutes (link)
  • ColorGPT – Get the hex code of any color in real life using your phone (Chrome app plugin link)
  • Rationale – Al-assisted decision making, make rational decisions (link)
  • Vizologi – Get quality answers to all your business questions (link)
  • PromptPerfect – Al tool to make your ChatGPT Prompts 10x better (link)
  • Numerous – an Al assistant to breeze through busywork in Excel & Google Sheets (link)
  • Nolan – Allows you to craft compelling movie scripts from anywhere, without an internet connection (link)
  • AlCommand– ChatGPT for Unity. 3D designers will love this (link)
  • Play HT – Prompting is coming to voice generation (link)
  • PromptGPT – ChatGPT prompt generator (link)
  • GestureDiffuCLIP – Text to Human Gestures (link)
  • Al Image Enlarger – Enlarge and upscale your images without losing quality (link)
  • Timely Al – An Al time tracker to boost your productivity (link)
  • HeyGPT – This allows you to replace Siri with ChatGPT (link)

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